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Mobile App Security Threats: An Overview

In this digital world, many of us own a smart phone and install all the must-have apps. Be it Clash Of Clans while commuting, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter for communicating, banking apps for mobile banking, shopping apps for one touch home delivery, or any other smart app that makes our lives easy. Now, whenever we […]

Smart Testing-Test Less, Cover More, Benefit Manifold- STeP-IN Summit 2014 Speaker Session

Recently, Harbinger presented a session at the Pune round of STeP-IN Summit 2014, an International software testing conference. STeP-IN unlike many conferences dwelled right into the practical approaches towards improving the quality of software. Many interesting software testing strategies and methods like mind mapping, outcome based testing were discussed along with testing in mobile and […]

Best Practices and Strategies in Mobile Testing

Mobile apps market is growing at a phenomenal pace, with leading research firm Gartner reporting that Mobile apps will generate revenues of $77 Billion in revenue by 2017. Millions of mobile applications are not just entertaining people but are becoming an integral part of our lives with people relying upon them for almost every daily […]

Getting Started With Selenium–The Open Source Automation Testing Tool

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool used to test Web-based applications. It runs on most of the browsers and operating systems present and is a highly flexible and user-friendly tool. One can develop test scripts in many programming languages (C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, .Net, etc.) and run them on different operating […]

Simplifying Test Automation Using Harbinger’s Automation Framework

Software test automation has been the most controversial activity in any organization. In most of the organizations, it starts with lot of potential to reduce the test efforts drastically and magically, but ends up in spending unreasonably high amount of efforts in maintaining the developed automation suite. The ROI becomes non-achievable and finally management decides […]

Software Testing Services Trends – 2014

Growing technological advancement in the IT sector is having a significant impact on the evolution of software testing landscape. With the advent of service oriented architecture (SOA), increase in virtualization and adoption of cloud computing, testers today have a lot of new aspects to consider. The pressing demands on quick time to market, cutting operational […]

Test Process Framework to Integrate Functional and Non-Functional Testing for Agile

The enterprise applications being developed today implement multiple technologies to achieve goals such as real-time responses, secure handling of large data sets and highly intuitive user experience. In addition to this, there is a strong impetus to target greater audience and multiple devices. With this trend, the importance of non-functional testing is greatly amplified to […]

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