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How to use MS Teams Extensions to Enhance your HR and Productivity Applications

Over the last six months, we are experiencing an evolution of WorkTech, a combination of Workforce, Productivity, and […]

How to Successfully Tackle Pre-Hire Requirements in the New WorkTech World

The last eight-odd months gave the much-needed push to digital transformation, which we all were looking forward to, […]

WorkTech: The New Frontier of HRTech

The advancement and innovations in technologies are reshaping the way businesses work. New tools are being developed to […]

How to Use Design Thinking to Decode Productivity and Collaboration in WorkTech

The current pandemic has impacted different sectors in multiple ways. For HRTech, it brought in WorkTech – a […]

Integration for Gig Platforms: 4 Key Considerations

Maheshkumar Kharade, AGM – Technology, Harbinger Systems recently shared insights on “5 Necessary Integrations for any Gig Application” […]

Scalable Growth via Scalable Integrations – Tips from the Experts

As a product builder or leader, building integrations would be one of the top things demanding your attention. […]

How to Leverage Data for Better Buyer Insights

We all are experiencing how markets are shifting at present. With the news that keeps on coming in, […]

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