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Business Continuity Plan – the solution to thrive in current times

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive humanitarian upheaval. While governments rush to tackle the crisis, businesses across the world are witnessing unprecedented disruptions. Primarily, there are challenges in maintaining supply chains and workforce management. The large-scale travel restrictions and quarantines are resulting in fluctuations in business revenues. In such situations, it becomes imperative […]

Supporting Online Workplaces: A Case for Building Better Integrations

This blog was earlier published here: With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, HR and L&D leaders are finding themselves inundated with messages such as “7 Steps to Make Work from Home Effective” or “How to Take your Classrooms Online Quickly”. These messages address the immediate concerns of the leaders who must support a dispersed […]

Employee Engagement in times of COVID-19

A panic-stricken workforce, as the world braces the COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, is being strongly felt. Leaders worry about business continuity plans, making remote work possible, treading regulations on safety, employee welfare and reputation at the same time. Employees worry for their immediate families, aging parents, children and friends – walking the thin line of […]

Rise of the Internal Talent Marketplace

Rise of the Internal Talent Marketplace  Jeff, CEO of an ancillary manufacturing company, just met a prospective candidate for the COO position who has extensive experience in expanding businesses and operations. He is well known, has substantial experience and probably will do a great job. There is also an existing employee in the organization who is […]

Can we build a learning culture within our organization?

Can we build a learning culture within our organization? Tough question. Before we attempt the question, let’s ask ourselves – How did our competitor(s) climb up the industry rankings in a matter of months? How do we retain our employees and keep them engaged? How do we deliver faster and better than last year(s)? And […]

Technology for Diversity and Inclusion

Of Humans – Biases, Perception and Representation People have been increasingly talking about Diversity and Inclusion in organizations in the past few years. It is well documented, that organizations that are diverse treat their people better and are able to elicit better ideas from their people. Thus, they serve their customers better and this benefits […]

Mentorship at the Workplace 101

If you hear successful people around the world talk about their journey, a very common theme that keeps popping up is having found the right mentors at the right point in their careers. The impacts of effective mentorship in the workplace are profound and enduring –most CHROs would love for their organization to have a […]

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