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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Human beings have always been fascinated with the ability to precisely anticipate the future, to shape it towards a more favourable outcome. With the emergence of massive amount of data, in addition to traditional business intelligence solutions, enterprises have now started evaluating predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is a sub practice of data science which processes […]

Medical Wearables: Excerpts from Harbinger Systems’ Panel Discussion at Wearable technology show 2015

Harbinger exhibited at the Wearable Tech Show in Bay Area this December. We had a booth on software services for wearable and participated in a panel discussion on Medical Wearables. The conference started with a great product presentation of a brain sensing headband for meditation activity. The debate on wearables future indicated that there is […]

Medical Wearable Technology: A Trend that is Here to Stay

Medical wearable technology is no more a thing of the future; it is certainly one of the hottest digital health trends of 2015. This disruptive innovation has revolutionized the way people connect with the digital world to make themselves healthier and improve their lives. Technology plays a significant role in healthcare by providing physicians access […]

US Digital Healthcare Funding in Q3 2015: A Quick Insight for Startup ISVs

The third quarter of 2015 has once again demonstrated that digital health is increasingly in the spotlight for investment, especially when more valuable applications emerge for hospitals, doctors and consumers. Though 2014 was certainly a great year for digital health startups, with rapid market growth witnessed for many of them, we see strong signals to […]

SMAC in Healthcare: Golden Opportunity for ISVs

The convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud collectively referred as SMAC is well on its way to become the next business technology enabler for the coming decade or so. Individually, each component of SMAC may result in great benefits to an organization, however, to increase the productivity for organizations and maximize the output, it […]

Convergence of IoT and Healthcare

The healthcare industry is being transformed at a swift pace with adoption of new tools and technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) has started to grow tenfold in the roots of the healthcare industry. Its offerings consist of patient well-being, improved care delivery, health statistics and easy synchronization with your lifestyle. According to reports by Mind […]

IoT in Healthcare: An overview

The healthcare ecosystem is witnessing a huge transformation lately; propelled by improved care and patient outcomes as the critical drivers. Briefly put, organizations (providers, hospitals and all) are leveraging the potential of Internet of Things, to empower their people, patients to take control of their own health. In a subtle way, redefining the way people, […]

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