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OCR for Healthcare Automation

Now-a-days with the expectations of new standards and compliance as well as the need for increased efficiency; the healthcare industry is going towards exploring automation for some of the labor-intensive tasks. Currently, this is observed in the form of claims processing automation with form CMS 1500 (formerly HCFA 1500), Explanation of Benefits (EOB) as well […]

Technology in Healthcare: Today and Tomorrow

In today’s digital world, technology evolution has been one continuous process over last 20+ years which has surprised us all. In the context of IT being a key driving factor, its impact has been observed and experienced to the fullest. Out of many different domains in which IT has played a vital role, Healthcare has […]

Redefining Healthcare in 2016- Top 6 must watch Healthcare IT Trends

We have witnessed a frenetic change in the healthcare IT over the past few years. Changing behavior of healthcare consumers is at the heart of this healthcare revolution. To keep up with better informed individuals, demanding patients and to improve the care quality, healthcare organizations have been investing significantly in information technology. With cloud, big […]

Sensor Technology Enabling Healthcare Wearables

A digital wearable works wonders if you are a fitness geek and have a liking towards healthy living. Infact, wearables have truly revolutionized the healthcare industry. Gartner, in one of its healthcare reports, projects that by end of 2016 the wearable electronic device market will witness a sizeable sale of 274.6 million devices worth $28.7 […]

Transforming Patient Engagement Model with Next-Gen Healthcare IT Solutions

The healthcare spending in the US has crossed $3.2 trillion last year and grew by 4.95%; that’s twice as fast as the US economy grew (at 2.9%). This upward trend in healthcare spending is projected to continue and reach $5.4 trillion by 2024. Being such a vast industry; it has also emerged as a complex […]

Ensuring Effective HIPAA Compliance with ‘Buy rather than Build’ Approach

Over the last two decades HIPAA has undergone several changes, as the role of technology in healthcare industry has advanced multifold. It would be fair to say, HIPAA compliance has been more of a moving target which is indicated in the graph below, showing an increase in the complaints that the Office for Civil Rights […]

Regulating Provider Network and Performance with PPA and PNA

Post ObamaCare, we have seen an add-on of 20-30 Million US citizens who bought health insurance plans from different payers; these plans are sold either by a health insurance exchange or directly to the non-insured Americans. Most of the payers are facing an increased number of complaints from their users, due to inadequacy in the […]

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