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7 Things you should know about website UI and UX

The things that separate an exceptional website design from the content it exhibits are the factors that contribute towards smooth navigation between pages and the type of theme incorporated for its looks and presence. User Interface is the term associated when we talk about the looks and presence of options on the website. What is […]

Search results, relevance and the emerging web: What is Google doing about them?

This is a new world for searches. More and more techniques are evolving to index, manage and present the tremendous amount of data available on the net, and make it fit for users’ need. Both old and new search players are trying to shape searches and refine results. More than ever before, relevancy and context […]

Twitter starts moving towards businesses

Twitter’s blog is talking about a feature that could put it on the path of starting to generate revenue. It is a feature called “Contributors” targeted at businesses. Check out Twitter has been under a lot of debate about its viability as a business and its ability to monetize its microblogging service. Twitter was recently […]