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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Human beings have always been fascinated with the ability to precisely anticipate the future, to shape it towards a more favourable outcome. With the emergence of massive amount of data, in addition to traditional business intelligence solutions, enterprises have now started evaluating predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is a sub practice of data science which processes […]

Defining Trends for Data Science in 2015

The term ‘data’ is often used everywhere, even typing this blog means creation of data. So, what is this data and what are we supposed to do out of it? The answer to this question means the creation of data again, confusing isn’t it? Data Science appears the moment we think about handling of data! […]

Application Scaling Using Redis

Data in this digitized world is growing at an exponential pace, doubling itself in size every few years. Regular RDBMS and older databases are simply lacking behind. The frequent read and writes on disc storage database costs a performance drop in applications. To process huge amounts of data in the desired timeline, we need features […]

Python – Language of Choice in Data Science?

Every minute – 72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube, Google gets 4 million search queries, Twitter gets 300,000 tweets and 50,000 apps are downloaded from the App store. These facts give an indication of how fast the digital data age is growing. Organizations are now looking to leverage the knowledge hidden in the […]

NoSQL: Databases for Digital Universe

Data is an ever growing entity, never failing to increase. With billions of digital devices already in existence and rapid emergence of Internet of Things, the amount of data being generated currently is simply humongous. Now with some saying that we have generated more data in the past two years than all the time combined, […]

Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and Social to Drive Innovations in ISV ecosystem

Recently on April 16th Shrikant Pattathil, Executive Vice President, Harbinger Systems was featured in the Global Services Top 100 Showcase. In his interview, Shrikant talked about the top three industry trends and mentioned that we will soon witness how Internet of Things, connected intelligence, people, M2M will empower our lives and influence our lifestyle, our […]

Big Data and Analytics Trends

In 2013, organizations were overseeing developments in big data space from the sidelines. In 2014, their focus has shifted from what is big data to what can I do with big data. They are actively researching and implementing various big data solutions to help them in this global competitive landscape. A recent IDC forecast shows […]

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