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Building Amazing Web Applications Rapidly with Emerging Tech

As we step into the connected world, the demand for an omni-channel experience covering all the devices- mobile, […]

Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More Part 2

The day had a cold start, I had to quickly run to the station or else I would […]

HealthKit vs Google Fit: A Comparative Analysis

As digital health gains momentum, tech giants Apple and Google both have entered the Healthcare domain with their […]

JavaScript MVC Frameworks: Backbone, Ember and Angular JS – The Paradigm Shift and the Impact on Application Development

In this fast paced world, how many users would like to stare at loading screen or the spinning […]

Mobile Augmented Reality – Eye can be made to see differently

Augmented Reality that was good for mostly gaming a decade ago, has found promising applications in various segments […]

Apple Watchkit – For Apps At Fingertips

An Apple Watch is considered to be a gadget from the neighbouring universe though it is designed and […]

Watch out for the all new Apple Watch

Apple has opened up a new chapter in another frontier with the announcement of its wearable device – […]

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