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Factors to be considered when migrating to Hybrid cloud

Cloud technology has proven that its benefits are in tune with the buzz it generated a few years back. Many organizations, across the globe, including small and medium businesses have already embraced cloud computing or are planning to adapt it to further boost their business capability. The adoption rate of cloud has been growing consistently […]

‘Security and Scalability: Two Major Challenges to Cloud Computing’- Highlights of the Interview with EVP Harbinger Systems

Recently, our Executive Vice President, Shrikant Pattathil gave an interview at Cloud Expo West 2014, a Cloud Computing, IoT & Big Data event held at California by Sys-Con Media. Shrikant talked about the experiences of Harbinger Systems in taking product companies to cloud and in building systems which are cloud enabled. Shrikant also highlighted that […]

Harbinger Showcases Cloud Expertise At the Cloud Expo Conference

Recently, Harbinger presented a speaker session at Cloud Expo West 2014, a Cloud Computing, IoT & Big Data event by Sys-Con Media. The event featured 175+ sessions from a faculty chosen among the leading industry players in the cloud computing and big data worlds. The expo had people and organizations representing all the main layers […]


Driving the next wave of innovation, the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ phenomenon is picking up speed. IoT is generating new evolving data and desperately needs computational resources for creating revolutionary IoT applications. An IoT application at the core needs to be able to combine the services offered by multiple applications and scale up to handle […]

Cloud Vs Traditional On Premise Data Recovery

Business uptime is critical to an organization’s growth and revenue. In my earlier blog we read about the importance of Data backup and recovery and how a well drafted recovery plan helps in getting your systems up and running again quickly. Typically businesses take a decision on an acceptable Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and a […]

Cloud Data Back up And Recovery Plan Checklist

Data, whether it’s yours or your clients, small or large, on premise or in cloud, is pivotal to business growth. We are all familiar with the advantages cloud-based solutions bring to an organization in terms of flexibility, scalability and agility. However due to security concerns businesses are in a dilemma over data backup and recovery […]

Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and Social to Drive Innovations in ISV ecosystem

Recently on April 16th Shrikant Pattathil, Executive Vice President, Harbinger Systems was featured in the Global Services Top 100 Showcase. In his interview, Shrikant talked about the top three industry trends and mentioned that we will soon witness how Internet of Things, connected intelligence, people, M2M will empower our lives and influence our lifestyle, our […]

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