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Cloud Expo West 2015 Highlights

Attending Cloud expo has always been a great opportunity to interact with industry experts and discover new ideas. Recently, I attended the Cloud Expo Santa Clara conference wherein Harbinger was a speaker and an exhibitor. The 17th International Cloud Expo, by Sys-Con media was held from November 3 -5, 2015 at Santa Clara Convention Center, […]

Enhancing Decision Making with Linked Open Data Cloud

The market for smart apps based on wearable devices or other IoT devices is growing multifold. This has become possible in recent times with the advent of open data and cloud computing. Additionally, there are better and reliable ways to solve the problems to make businesses more effective and to improve human lives. For example, […]

Internet of Things, Wearable, and Cloud Computing – A Survey

The recent spurt in consumerization, especially due to the introduction of smartphones and now wearables, has made technology an inseparable entity of human life. Thousands of applications are being developed and used on a regular basis all across the globe; say to improve the lifestyle, for healthcare, for time saving, for data security, etc; the […]

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud is a Natural Evolution: Cynosure of the Exclusive Q&A Interview with VP – Technology, Harbinger Systems

Recently our Vice President – Technology, Suhas Joshi, had an exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo 2015 Conference Chair, Roger Strukhoff regarding the impact of cloud (Hybrid and Multi-Cloud), the role of PaaS and IaaS, importance of microservices and containers, and the entire cloud eco-system, with respect to our customers and the company. The answers given […]

Infographic: How Cloud Can Transform Your Startup

A startup faces many challenges, especially in their initial stages. This infographic imparts how cloud helps startups speed up development cycles, reduce operating costs, swiftly scale-up with enhanced agility and increase their productivity. To know more, please visit our Cloud Services.

Choosing MBaaS for Your Enterprise App

Until recently, business applications of cloud Computing revolved around Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). But over last year or so, adoption of Platform as a Service (PaaS) is equally picking up its pace. PaaS has started to emerge as an answer to these demands and MBaaS is a specialized […]

How Cloud Can Transform Your Start-up

Many startups struggle in their initial days, the common problems faced are related to infrastructure, technology, and finances. It’s like carrying a huge and heavy backpack uphill to win the race or to make a mark in the industry. How about loosening those straps and removing the unwanted clutter and racing straight to the finish […]

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