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Cloud Expo West 2015 Highlights

Attending Cloud expo has always been a great opportunity to interact with industry experts and discover new ideas. […]

Enhancing Decision Making with Linked Open Data Cloud

The market for smart apps based on wearable devices or other IoT devices is growing multifold. This has […]

Internet of Things, Wearable, and Cloud Computing – A Survey

The recent spurt in consumerization, especially due to the introduction of smartphones and now wearables, has made technology […]

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud is a Natural Evolution: Cynosure of the Exclusive Q&A Interview with VP – Technology, Harbinger Systems

Recently our Vice President – Technology, Suhas Joshi, had an exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo 2015 Conference Chair, […]

Infographic: How Cloud Can Transform Your Startup

A startup faces many challenges, especially in their initial stages. This infographic imparts how cloud helps startups speed […]

Choosing MBaaS for Your Enterprise App

Until recently, business applications of cloud Computing revolved around Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a […]

How Cloud Can Transform Your Start-up

Many startups struggle in their initial days, the common problems faced are related to infrastructure, technology, and finances. […]

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