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Is Recruitment Marketing a new HR discipline?

A friend of mine was recently head hunted for a data science role, for a large retail chain in the United States. While she knew that her job prospects after her Masters with a specialized data science major were reasonably good, this call from a recruiter made her feel special. The recruiter spoke with a […]

Product Leaders forum 2015 – Conference Highlights

Q2 or we say midyear is the time for most of the conferences to cast their shadow on trending technologies which are buzzing across the globe. It was a Friday afternoon and I was all set to attend the Product Leaders Forum 2015 happening in Hyatt Conference hall, Pune. The Product Leaders Forum, 2015 turned […]

Increasing Your Learning and Development ROI Through Offline Learning

eLearning came into existence much before the internet. Initially eLearning was mainly restricted to computer based training (CBT), where the courses/tutorials were delivered to your doorstep or organization, and users could take the courses at their pace and required no internet connection. In a way, this was eLearning in the offline mode. With the penetration […]

GITEX Conference 2014 – The Key Takeaways

I recently visited the GITEX Conference in Dubai- a premier event that attracted around 100,000 conference attendees from different parts of the world. Top business leaders from the attending ICT companies charged their way into Dubai for this 5 day event- ‘34th GITEX Technology Week’. The event hosted several local, regional and international visitors from […]