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Apple Watch Alerts – Glance and Notification

Quite recently, I came across an interesting piece of information, Global Equities research, stated that Apple watch is looking to break all records and become the most successful product launch by Apple. Apple has already shipped 2.5million units and is projected to cross over 5 million in total, beating the first quarter sales of iPad […]

Pricing Models in IT Outsourcing

One of the primary goals of outsourcing has always been cost-effectiveness. This notion is reflected even in the pricing models of IT outsourcing. But as mentioned in our previous post about how outsourcing has transformed in this digital world and is increasingly becoming complex, a single pricing model is no longer realistic. After taking account […]

Big Data and Analytics Trends

In 2013, organizations were overseeing developments in big data space from the sidelines. In 2014, their focus has shifted from what is big data to what can I do with big data. They are actively researching and implementing various big data solutions to help them in this global competitive landscape. A recent IDC forecast shows […]

Role of Mobility, Big Data and Cloud in Internet of Things

At the digital technology trade fair CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, David Cameroon, The Prime Minister of United Kingdom, announced that 45million pounds would be made available for research in internet of things in the UK. While this announcement signals the growing interest of IoT in governments and state bodies, enterprises have already made some big […]

Factors in Selecting the Right Outsourcing Provider

Enterprises and ISVs – big or small, outsource their software development work and rely on their development partners to bring their products to life. Software outsourcing has become a known practice to help attain and sustain the hard earned competitive advantage in the global marketplace. It is true that the major advantages of outsourcing are […]

Outsourcing 2014- 5 Ways IT Outsourcing Has Changed

Digital innovation fuelled with the fast evolving technology changes has lead to business transformation beyond our imagination. To keep pace with the speed of business demand, organizations are working hard to sustain, compete and maintain their competitive edge leveraging outsourcing approach to their best advantage. Taking a closer look at IT Outsourcing, one stark disparity […]

Healthcare IT Industry Trends- 2014

Year 2013 has been an eventful year in the healthcare industry. HHS (Health and human services) issued set of modifications to the HIPAA privacy and security rules assuring enhanced protection for patients’ protected health information. Quick adoption of EHRs (electronic health records) in the wake of the HITECH Act and the phenomenal growth in remote […]

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