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HTML5 – Time for Mobile to Lead Desktop

The distinction between a mobile native app and web app is blurring fast. HTML5 will quicken this change. Mobile browsers are not so entrenched in the old ways like desktop browser are, and can adopt HTML5 sooner than desktop ones. People are coming to expect a lot more things from the mobile browser, and mobile could lead desktop to greater things. Does desktop have a choice not to follow?

Automation to Innovation: A historical account of the future

“A piece of software is mass-produced the instant it is written.” Towards the later half of the twentieth century, a big revolution gripped humanity. After having tackled mass production and creating machines, people looked to using a single machine to do multiple things. I am happy to report that software was born, and with it, […]

Apple’s Secret Sauce: Interactive User Experience

An interesting study conducted recently could shed some light on why some of the new-age companies like Google and Apple are scoring so well compared to the erstwhile leaders like Microsoft and Yahoo!. The study from Cornell, published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that experiences are better than possessions. The study essentially […]

Enterprise 2.0 software adoption: A tipping point in sight?

Over three years ago, Andrew McAfee wrote an insightful post on The 9X Email Problem. In the post backed by research of a colleague from Harvard, Andrew makes a case for Enterprise 2.0 software to be nine times better than Email to be accepted by businesses and their decision makers. The number nine, he and […]

iPad rings in the Interactive User Experience

The Apple iPad is bringing in a new kind of user experience to our lives in front of computers. Just like computers reinvented themselves from a command-line-based console interface to a window-based graphical user interface (GUI) three decades ago, they will now have to reinvent themselves from graphical user interface to what I call, the […]

A very simple lesson in user experience

First-Person Tetris is a truly unique take on the old game of Tetris, and exemplifies out-of-the-box thinking in interactivity design (quite literally). What makes First-Person Tetris really interesting is that it turns the concept of the game on its head. In Tetris, you interact with the objects through your keyboard to place them properly in […]

iSlate, interactivity and the era of intimate interfaces

Bonnier R&D came up with the following great concept for an e-Magazine Reader that offers great colors, animations, user interface and reading experience. Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo. We at Harbinger are passionate about interactivity and user experience, and have built great user experiences like flip-book on desktop, web and iPhone. The advent of a […]

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