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Ensuring Effective HIPAA Compliance with ‘Buy rather than Build’ Approach

Over the last two decades HIPAA has undergone several changes, as the role of technology in healthcare industry has advanced multifold. It would be fair to say, HIPAA compliance has been more of a moving target which is indicated in the graph below, showing an increase in the complaints that the Office for Civil Rights […]

Increase Usability of your Mobile App – Onboard Deep linking

In the past half-decade or so mobile internet and apps have redefined the way in which digital information is being consumed. Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. Mobile apps have become the primary gateway to access the online world from Smartphone’s. Google’s play store and Apple’s app store have more […]

Python – Language of Choice in Data Science?

Every minute – 72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube, Google gets 4 million search queries, Twitter gets 300,000 tweets and 50,000 apps are downloaded from the App store. These facts give an indication of how fast the digital data age is growing. Organizations are now looking to leverage the knowledge hidden in the […]

Material Design: The New UI Language by Android

In Google I/O conference 2014, Google had unveiled its latest version of mobile operating system – “Android Lollipop” also referred to as “Android L”. The Android L brought some under the hood changes such as support for 64 bit processors and a new runtime environment, known as Android Run Time (ART). ART, which uses Ahead […]

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