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Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More Part 2

The day had a cold start, I had to quickly run to the station or else I would have missed my train to the Moscone Center. In my previous blog, I had shared updates regarding MAC OSX 10, iOS 9, XCode 7, Apple Watch, Core Foundation changes, Swift 2, Testing and Cocoa. Apple had executed […]

Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More

It had happened 25 times before; it was the 26th time where Apple once again created history. Before I begin with an extensive review of the 2015 Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), let’s review some numbers. The 2015 conference was attended by more than 10,000+ attendees from over 70 countries in the Moscone Center, San […]

iOS Memory Management and ARC

Since Apple introduced Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), it has eased the life of a developer to concentrate on business logic and let ARC handle memory. Developers who have started using ObjectiveC and creating iOS Apps recently, misinterpret ARC as garbage collection. ARC is not garbage collection as provided by JAVA and .NET runtimes, but a […]

Workspace – Better way of organizing your XCode projects

Working with XCode IDE, I had always felt the need for a top-level entity that could support and organize my multiple XCode projects.  It wasn’t easy to access the files of one project from another in XCode 3.2, even if you had cross project references between them. Code sharing was always an issue if two […]