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How to use Entity Framework Efficiently

When it comes to the development of database independent with an easily maintainable Data Access Layer(DAL), the best solution that comes to my mind is the Entity Framework by Microsoft. Moreover, when you are short of time and need development at a Rapid pace and less code, Entity Framework is a winner. Initially, some of […]

Cross Platform Mobile Applications With PhoneGap

As you all are aware, the current era is dominated by mobile devices, and organizations all over the world are eager to make their products mobile. While going mobile, each organization has its own thought process of how their application would look, behave and perform. Most of the organizations want their applications to be functionally […]

Microsoft Lync 2013-A Cutting Edge Communication Platform

In any big or small organization, there should be a platform where people can instantly get in touch, collaborate, share resources, do online meetings and video conferencing. The Lync Server platform provides an infrastructure for achieving real-time collaboration and does all these things. The bold features include instant messaging, real time presence, VoIP, ad hoc […]