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Enhancing Decision Making with Linked Open Data Cloud

The market for smart apps based on wearable devices or other IoT devices is growing multifold. This has become possible in recent times with the advent of open data and cloud computing. Additionally, there are better and reliable ways to solve the problems to make businesses more effective and to improve human lives. For example, […]

Know Why DevOps at Harbinger Loves Ansible

A Simple but Powerful framework for IT Automation In the previous blog, Eshan Sarpotdar, had stressed on the need to synchronize the development with IT operations (DevOps). It’s a broad term and there are different models of DevOps on People, Processes and Technologies. As an engineer, my focus remains on the Technology aspects of DevOps. […]

Efficient Implementation of Open Source EHR system with WorldVistA Platform

Traditionally, hand written paper based health records were managed by organizing them in files and cabinets. With computers becoming common, hospitals and other health providers switched over to electronic files. Since these records were maintained locally, sharing them with others was not possible with ease. This inefficiency often lead to what is known as “waste […]

Building Big Data Solutions in Cloud using Agile Model – Cloud Expo2013 Speaker Session Presentation

Big data and Cloud solutions are becoming central to today’s business landscape, impacting everything from efficient planning/forecast to analytics –and effective execution in between. Big Data Analyzing data became tedious and time consuming as there was a sudden surge in volume of data. It turned more complex with most of the data coming to system […]

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Decision making is one of the most crucial steps in creating an efficient quality system. Healthcare systems for example are in constant process of making decisions, like: Medical insurance companies estimate cost of insurance Government bodies want to know the distribution of expenses. Based on the utilization and effectiveness, they can decide resources in various […]

Is ePub Ready for Learning Management Systems

Some of the frequently asked (or thought if not asked) question in an author’s mind in eLearning industry are: How do I publish my contents to reach my students more effectively? Can I make my contents more interactive using recent advancements of technologies? How can I enhance the experience of learners for my contents? Though […]