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Choosing the right Enterprise application integration (EAI) approach

An organization, on an average comprises of applications that are part of a legacy system, custom-built, acquired from third party, operating in multiple tiers of different operating systems platforms. In order to provide efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple enterprise applications and to support common business processes, organizations rely on integration of diverse […]

Micro-Learning in Action

We all are learning in life, this phrase has been bolted softly as experiences go by. Be school education or formal training at workplace, humans are forged by this term learning for life. We as learners have the tendency to forget more than half of the content we learn in a day or so of […]

Video Streaming in HTML5 Video Tag

HTML5 has entered the online video market space with widely cited acceptance. The market data from StatCounter, a web analytics firm indicates that over 80% (combining mobile and desktop as a single entity) of the market now supports HTML5 video. With evolving HTML5 video specification and its growing implementation by various browser vendors, it is […]