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What the COO Recommends

Ha, you thought this was about HR and things that baffle a COO during this lockdown? Not even remotely close .. In these trying times,  everyone is fighting multiple battles – health, keeping our near and dear ones safe, and the economic chaos. People who have lost jobs are trying to find a new one […]

Top 5 HR Tech Webinar Hosts You Shouldn’t Miss

Webinars are a good way to find precise information about a topic in a specified time slot, and at your desk. More so, with the current social distancing and remote working environment, webinars have turned out to be a productive platform to learn, connect, and eventually network without needing to step out of the house. […]

The State of Hiring: Two Decades of My Experience

Last evening, I was in a conversation with someone on how the entire hiring process, which was earlier employer centric, has now become employee centric. In my 15 years of industry experience, I have seen this process steadily evolve over the years. The decade of 2000 was the time when job portals were coming in. […]

Fun ways to learn about business and product strategy – Shark Tank

Are you a Shark Tank fan, too? If you are an entrepreneur, someone running a business, or even dreaming of having a business someday, you most definitely would have. In latest TV ratings, according to Yahoo Finance, the show brought a whopping 6 million total viewers, to mark

How to Use Data to Improve HR Products

Data provides powerful insights that are essential for today’s organizational decision-making. Many corporate functions are increasingly using data for making key decisions as part of their digital transformation initiatives.

5 Ways HR can help companies swing back into action

The COVID-19 pandemic has created major disruptions in the world economy. As per a recent report published by International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy is projected to contract sharply by a staggering -3% in 2020. In such a scenario, the Human Resources (HR) departments, world over, have their tasks cut out. They must align […]

Secrets to Ace a Video Call

Secrets to Ace a Video Call

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