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Cloud Security – A Major Concern for Enterprises

I recently got an opportunity to attend a TiE event “TiE Cloud: Breakthroughs in Cloud Security” in Silicon Valley on 2nd Feb. This conference was hosted by Mr. Allwyn Sequeira, CTO & VP, Cloud Networking & Security, VMware and Mr. Pradip Shankar, Vice-President, Ericsson. In many of the presentations and discussion forums in this event, […]

Design considerations while migrating the application to cloud

As outlined in earlier blog (Is your application a candidate for cloud migration), any application can be deployed on cloud, using right cloud application framework. However, in order to take maximum advantage of cloud features like dynamic scaling and high availability, it is advisable to make some design changes in the application. Here is a […]

Is your application a candidate for cloud migration?

It is now safe to say that the future of Software Application Space is ‘”Cloudy”, and for once, it is a very good thing! The Cloud platforms have been around for a while, but now more and more applications from Enterprise as well as Consumer space are seen to take advantage of them. So the […]

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