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Workspace – Better way of organizing your XCode projects

Working with XCode IDE, I had always felt the need for a top-level entity that could support and organize my multiple XCode projects.  It wasn’t easy to access the files of one project from another in XCode 3.2, even if you had cross project references between them. Code sharing was always an issue if two […]

Automation Using Coded UI Test

Coded UI Test (CUIT) is a new feature introduced by Microsoft for UI Automation. The automated tests created by CUIT are used for the functionality testing of an application. To know about this tool, we started exploring its ‘Record and Playback’ feature. A very simple test case that we initiated this effort with had the […]

Mobile Application Development and Flex

Last month, I attended a RIA conference by Adobe at Pune. If I have to choose the most interesting part, I would go with the demo on use of Flash Builder 4.5 for Mobile application development with Flex 4.5. Adobe is trying to answer one of the most sought-after questions – is it possible to […]

NoSQL: Next Generation Databases

Since we all used big table in Google Labs & Facebook there is always a mentioning about performance these portals have provided. There are many articles/blogs/stories published on the same and all in all it stops at NoSQL. Early this year, when Netflix migrated to use NoSQL successfully, now almost everyone wants to evaluate this […]

Usability Evaluation Methods – Making the right choice at the right phase

In this post, we’ll take a look at some usability evaluation methods most commonly used in software design today. These can be applied at different stages in User Centered Design process. These methods can be broadly categorized into 3 categories – Inquiry, Inspection and Testing. Contextual Inquiry (Inquiry) When – Early stages of development, the […]

Of .NET Versions and Application Porting

Microsoft recently released .Net 4.0. It is to the credit of Microsoft, which has made constant improvements in their .Net versions, shown below. Here is a small infographic that shows their progress from version 2.0 through 4.0. I do not see 4.0 as a package that is full of new features, but what I do […]

Web Apps Come of Age with HTML5

It is fast becoming the case that web and windows apps actually have a sliver of a difference between them. I would like to share what I have felt about HTML5 for a while now – that it will change the way we write web apps! The following features will make HTML5 a great web […]

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