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Interactive User Experience (IUX): Going beyond interfaces

We have a new white paper that identifies Interactive User Experience, or IUX as the next frontier in human-computer interaction. IUX combines three types of interactivity, which in turn exploit unique platform capabilities such as direction, touch, orientation, location, movement and proximity. The transition from user interface (UI) to IUX is as revolutionary as the […]

iPad rings in the Interactive User Experience

The Apple iPad is bringing in a new kind of user experience to our lives in front of computers. Just like computers reinvented themselves from a command-line-based console interface to a window-based graphical user interface (GUI) three decades ago, they will now have to reinvent themselves from graphical user interface to what I call, the […]

A very simple lesson in user experience

First-Person Tetris is a truly unique take on the old game of Tetris, and exemplifies out-of-the-box thinking in interactivity design (quite literally). What makes First-Person Tetris really interesting is that it turns the concept of the game on its head. In Tetris, you interact with the objects through your keyboard to place them properly in […]

Open Handset Alliance for Android: A blessing or achille’s heel?

It is not easy to take Apple head on when it innovates. And if it was Microsoft in the early days, it is Google today. Both have gone in a direction of making open systems against Apple’s proprietary approach. Google made Android open source (free using Apache license), and went on to launch Android through […]

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