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HTML5 – Time for Mobile to Lead Desktop

The distinction between a mobile native app and web app is blurring fast. HTML5 will quicken this change. Mobile browsers are not so entrenched in the old ways like desktop browser are, and can adopt HTML5 sooner than desktop ones. People are coming to expect a lot more things from the mobile browser, and mobile could lead desktop to greater things. Does desktop have a choice not to follow?

Demystifying USB 3.0 legacy compatibility testing

USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices have been around for a long time and will continue to sustain even in the presence of the new, faster and efficient 3.0 version. These two oldies, which I like to call legacy specification are so popular, that till 2008, 2 billion USB devices were sold every year, taking the […]

Conducting usability analysis for the attention economy

In today’s computer dominated world crowd sourcing is an important aspect of software. Various social media /portal integrations provide immediate feedback, and make the user a very rich contributor in how an application looks. With distributed delivery, the application is easily available across the globe on various devices to various demographic users. Naturally, usability study […]

Windows 8 Store – Who are the favorites to be published?

Windows Store will favor trustworthy Windows Logo certified products for getting published. And it may become a reality much earlier than the release of Windows 8 OS, so product logo certification needs to take priority on the manufacturers TODO list.

Unity 3D: An alternative to Flash for highly interactive content?

Mobile industry is going to be a fragmented one. So, writing code for each individual platform is not really optimal. Is Unity 3D an option?

Windows Logo Testing – What is holding us back?

We all test our products and have high quality standards. But is the end user aware of our standards? Does he trust our claim of delivering flawless products? I am sure that in majority cases, the answer is going to be a NO. Unfortunately, end users just don’t trust the manufacturer’s word on quality. However, […]

Search results, relevance and the emerging web: What is Google doing about them?

This is a new world for searches. More and more techniques are evolving to index, manage and present the tremendous amount of data available on the net, and make it fit for users’ need. Both old and new search players are trying to shape searches and refine results. More than ever before, relevancy and context […]

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