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Microlearning for Performance Support and Convergence of IoT and Mobile Learning

With the globe witnessing a digital revolution, eLearning too has undergone many changes with organizations and educational institutes opening up to the inclusion of technologies to enhance their learning and development efforts. eLearning has moved from the traditional computer based training to providing knowledge literally in your hand, via mLearning. These technology infused learning styles […]

Increasing Your Learning and Development ROI Through Offline Learning

eLearning came into existence much before the internet. Initially eLearning was mainly restricted to computer based training (CBT), where the courses/tutorials were delivered to your doorstep or organization, and users could take the courses at their pace and required no internet connection. In a way, this was eLearning in the offline mode. With the penetration […]

Can I build my Learning Management System on Drupal?

eLearning can mean different things to different people. A place to view wide assortments of content – an a-la-carte menu of material organized by learning topics? Some equate eLearning to distance learning, i.e. a live delivery of courses for people who do not have time to attend real time classes. Others swear by DIY videos, […]

MOOC – A New Way of Learning

Do you worry about the head count in the last training session you attended? Do you remember any kind of flexibility you had during the session? For example, were you able to ask your trainer to hold on for a while you answered an urgent call or were you able to ask him explain a […]

The Internet of Things- Applications in eLearning– Join us for the Speaker Session at Devlearn 2014 Conference

We are pleased to announce the details of our speaker session at Devlearn 2014 Conference & Expo being held at Las Vegas from October 29th -31st ,2014. Harbinger Systems Speaker Session Title: The Internet of Things—Applications in eLearning The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to touch and transform every facet of our lives. From […]

eLearning standards- A comparative analysis of SCORM, TIN CAN and CMI 5

eLearning has come a long way from its starting days of instructor led teaching to self paced learning courses using diverse multimedia elements. It plays a vital role in educational and training requirements right from pre-schools to giant organizational learning programs. Over the years, the eLearning domain has witnessed utilization of various standards that assure […]

Understanding Learning Tools Interoperability

In the learning applications world, the need of integrating the application with other platforms/tools/portals is rapidly growing. To provide a standard platform for the integration of the applications, IMS has enabled the LTI compliance. Let us first understand the basic use and benefits of LTI. Introduction: IMS Global highlights, LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) helps in […]

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