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First Steps Towards Big Data

3 Responses to “First Steps Towards Big Data”

  1. Sachin Katariya says:

    Informative article and the flowchart is concise and comprehensive. From a business side perspective, I see initial years [2013-2014] being focused on creating success story [large scale] in Healthcare [USA and Europe], Japan [Disaster research and prevention such as earthquake].
    It would be interesting to see how Big Data would help governments to:
    1. Optimize social services
    2. Drive down cost of Healthcare [predictive analysis part of “big Data” and R&D cost in drug research and clinical trials]

    As to Industries, BFSI sector would be first to demonstrate success story [cash generation] automobile and Transport segments would rely on Big Data for [cash preservation or lower cost of service]

    I look forward to the next blog in this series…


  2. Hi Prachi, I really enjoyed the post. Big data is really headache when you don’t know how to manage it. Thanks. I will share it to my friend who really needs it.

  3. Deb Johnson says:

    Hi Prachi,

    Thank you for posting this very helpful, timely article. I am currently working on a project that is combining data from multiple sources into a single datamart. I have multiple report samples, and am documenting and analyising our current data elements. The flow chart you presented above provides a great way to help manage the process.

    Thanks again!

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