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Is ePub Ready for Learning Management Systems

3 Responses to “Is ePub Ready for Learning Management Systems”

  1. Josh Radner says:

    Hey Asheesh, nice post . You mentioned ePub is an alternative to various publishing options, could you throw some more light on those options?


  2. Thank you Josh,

    Though there are many publishing options but they have some or the other limitation, which I am aware of:

    PDF a common file type is not convenient to read on mobile devices

    Apple iBook is a proprietary format supported on Apple devices only

    Microsoft .LIT is proprietary for windows and windows based mobile devices. Further, MS is no more supporting it

    Mobipocket .mobi and .prc on Kindle became very popular as it was widely supported on Kindle devices and over several platforms through Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. This popularity run ended abruptly in December 2011 as Amazon stopped the support for Mobipocket. I guess the reason for this break up could be that .mobi was based on a binary format and is that of standard Palm Database format file. The content access information was stored in the header of that format and the overall structure became very complex.

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