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iPad rings in the Interactive User Experience

3 Responses to “iPad rings in the Interactive User Experience”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am not too sure multi-touch ” throws the keyboard and mouse out the window”, but your point is well-taken. With the advent of iPad, pinching gestures, dragging, tapping and what have you, we would use less and less of keyboard and mouse. great post. Thanks!

  2. Jess Kuepfer says:

    This IPad thing is really looking awesome… many of the features and so forth… although this time I browse through this, I rapidly do not like it in just about any respect. I’m a happy owner of an iTouch (2nd Generation) and I do believe this thing has upgraded a whole lot in comparison with the first generation. And for that reason it will always be improved upon, but remember that … Never ever purchase a product from Apple in the event that it’s only one year avaiable for purchase, they’ll strengthen it nevertheless they generally modify step by step to acheive increase profits using their company products… Extremely wise people :-)

  3. […] users for a long time and are hard to compare very objectively. What Apple creates is what we call Interactive User Experience. If you are thinking IUX is just some nice UI, think again! IUX goes beyond the mere user interface […]

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